Although allergies affect all ages, they can be particularly virulent in their impact on children. Young people often find the symptoms of allergic reactions – and even certain immunotherapy techniques -more frightening than adults. Desensitization via injections, for example, is one method that can cause significant distress to babies and young children.

The Viaskin® epicutaneous patch

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What’s more, there has been something of a pediatric allergy tidal wave in recent years, with increasing numbers of kids affected by house dust mite, peanut and cow’s milk protein allergies. In fact, the latter allergy affects up to 3% of young children. This is why the Viaskin® patch by DBV-Technologies has such potential. The diagram below helps demonstrate why.

The epicutaneous approach taken by this adhesive patch enables allergens in powder form to be delivered to the patient without puncturing the skin in any way. Therefore its application is entirely pain-free. More importantly, as the active proteins contained in the patch do not enter the bloodstream directly, the risk of anaphylaxis is greatly reduced. Viaskin® patches are currently being developed in three main formats, tackling the three allergies mentioned above.