It seems like today, in the world of interior design, you can opt for any look you want, so long as it’s old! French company PIB Home specializes in creating authentically used-looking items of furniture and interior design accessories for today’s fashion-conscious home owners.

Small accessories have a big part to play in creating a shabby chic decor

Stocking a wide range of tables, chairs and armchairs, shelving, dressers, cupboards and light fittings, PIB-home is a place where your imagination can run riot: One of its specializations is vintage-type furniture such as may be seen at . This style offers the advantage of being supremely practical, yet not without its own brand of elegance too. It can be teamed up with Scandinavian designs or with accessories from the shabby chic stable, like the picture frames you can see in the photograph below. The key materials in creating this kind of vibe have to be firstly wood, and secondly different fabrics, often gaily-coloured ones. However, in order for these to have maximum impact, you should be aiming for walls and floors in more neutral tones.