Many of us think of allergies as a mostly seasonal affliction – as is the case with hay fever, for instance. However, there are plenty of allergies that pose a problem for millions of people all year round. At French firm DBV-Technologies, scientists are working to bring relief to the legions of allergy-sufferers out there – a look at their website,, shows exactly how.

The Viaskin® patch

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DBV-Technologies have concentrated their research on some of the most prevalent – and in some cases dangerous – allergies. They have therefore developed specific treatments for peanut, house dust mite and milk allergy (i.e. cow’s milk protein allergy).

These treatments revolve around a new technique in the shape of the Viaskin® patch. This is essentially an adhesive patch that’s stuck to the patient’s skin. It contains minute amounts of antigens which it delivers to the body through the skin – there are no injections, no adjuvants and no breaking of the blood-skin barrier. This makes it an entirely pain-free process.

For a more in-depth explanation of how the patch works, click on the image below.